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King David in Bible  

Early Life

David was born in Bethlehem, of the Judah tribe, in about 1030 BCE and he died in Jerusalem in 962 BCE. At the time of his death, the land of Canaan had been recently split into two regions- Judah and Israel. David grew up as a shepherd and an accomplished musician. The previous king before him was Saul, who ruled from 1025-1004. David later married Saul's daughter Michal. David fought in the Philistine Wars for many years along side Saul before he was king. David gained much of his fame because of his encounter with the Philistine giant Goliath. David did very well on battle and some say he had God on his side. Because of this, King Saul got very jealous and wanted him dead. David spent many years in exile, hiding from Saul. In this time of exile David composed his book of Psalms which later went into the Bible. When Saul was killed in a battle fighting the Philistines, David became the King of Israel. Another reason some say that David became king is because of Saul's irreverance to God, which angered the people. At first, God told the prophet Samuel to annoint Saul with holy oil, and for him to be king. Saul was king for 21 years, but he disobeyed God and so God told Samuel to annoint David.
David annointed by Samuel


  During the civil war that divided Canaan into Judah and Israel, David and his group of men, called the "mighty men of David", captured the city of Jerusalem and made it David's capital, where he would later on build a great temple. He defeated the Philistines, and other hostile neighbors such as the Moab, Edom, Ammon, and Aram. He extended the boundaries of Israel to Egypt and the Euphrates. To make holy the city of Jerusalem, David brought in the Ark of the Covenant, which was under Philistine control, which was a vessel which housed the original pieces of the Ten Commandments. Soon after the taking of the city of Jerusalem, David had some problems with his personal life. He commited the sin of adultery, when one day he saw the beautiful woman Bathsheba bathing in the fountain. He followed his lustful wants and she gave birth to one of his children. David went even further as to have her husband killed. Some say that the son of Bathsheba and David died because of this sin, but then she gave birth to Solomon, a second son, who would later succeed David on the throne of Israel. David's sons from marriage to Michal were greatly angered when Solomon, his bastard child was going to be the heir to David and so they staged a revolt against David, which was not successful. David was significant to the overall development of Jerusalem because he practically built it. He was the first king who took Jerusalem as his capital. This is an argument for why the Jews should have Jerusalem because the took the city first as their capital. David beautified the city with the first temple and many other things. David died in about 962 BCE peacefully while his two sons from different women fought over who was going to be David's heir to the throne. 

King David Sings Psalms

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