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Presentation Skills
Microsoft PowerPoint 97

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Include a graphic file from the Web in a PowerPoint slide
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The best way to insert a Web graphic is to start by finding the graphic on the Web and saving the file to the same directory where you will be saving your PowerPoint presentation. In most Web browsers, you can save a graphic file by right clicking on the graphic using the context menu the pops up to save the file. (In Netscape the menu item is Save Image as...; In Internet Explorer the menu item is Save Picture as....

Finding and saving the picture from the Web is done outside of PowerPoint, but can be done before or during creation of the PowerPoint presentation.

There are a number of ways to include the web graphic file in a PowerPoint slide. One way is to use one of the slide layouts that anticipates inclusion of a clip art from the Microsoft clip art gallery. The icons for these layouts is shown on the left. Other ways include starting with a blank layout or one of the several layouts for objects.

If you select one of the picture and text layouts shown above, a slide will appear that includes a section similar to the image shown to the right.

Go to the menu bar and select:
      Insert | Picture | From File...
(as shown below)

Find and identify the graphic file you wish to insert.

NOTE: You can minimize the size of your PowerPoint file by clicking on the Link to file box on the right side of the dialog. However, you will need to make sure that you have the graphic file and the PowerPoint file saved into the same directory if you need to print or display the presentation on a differetn comp;uter.

Use the links below for tips on how to perform other Presentation functions using Microsoft PowerPoint 97.

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