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Word Processing Skills
Microsoft Word 97

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Align Text in Word (Left/ Center/ Right/ Full)
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Basic PC Operation


One should avoid using the space bar or tab key in order to control text alignment. Many computer users use one of these methods to center text. Unfortunately, it makes the document difficult to edit afterward. Changes in font size, additions to text, or deletions often will require the user to redo the formatting to re-center the text.

The easiest way to align text is to use the text alignment icons on the tool bars as shown here. Make sure that the cursor is located in the paragraph you want to align and then click on the appropriate icon.

It is also possible to control text alignment using the menu system. To set alignment using the menus, move the cursor to the paragraph you want to align. Then go to the menu bar and select:
       Format | Paragraph
(as shown below)

From the resultant Paragraph dialog box, use the Alignment drop down menu to set the appropriate alignment. (You can also get to the Paragraph dialog box by right clicking within the paragraph you wish to align and then selecting Paragraph... from the context menu.)


Use the links below for tips on how to perform other Microsoft Word 97 functions.

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